The Building Blocks of Appreciative Leadership

In the season of showing appreciation and care for those around us, we want to reflect on how to convey these qualities throughout the talent in your organization. Appreciative leadership entails creating a nurturing and positive culture and finding the best in each staff member. This style of leadership allows for stronger team building, understanding and respect. Below are a few strategies and tips to help you maintain a culture of appreciation in the workplace.

Leaders must listen and validate.

Appreciative leaders recognize that each employee brings a new perspective to the table. How he/she perceives the organization and its future will be different from that of another employee’s perspective and from your own. Be willing to listen to your employees’ suggestions, validate their opinions and work with them to implement positive steps toward a better future for your organization.

Inclusion is at the heart of appreciation.

In addition to simply listening to employees, appreciative leaders directly include their staff in shaping the future of the organization. How this looks in your specific company will be different than others, but the idea is the same. Ask your employees what their opinion is instead of just waiting for them to come to you. This will empower them, helping them feel like they are important to the organization, and inspiring them to brainstorm ways to better its future.

Constructive criticism should be constructive.

This principle is one we’ve all heard a thousand times, but when a situation arises to help employees learn and grow, the supportive aspect of criticism can fall through the cracks. Remember your employees are human and mistakes will happen. With the proper training and attitude, you can help your employees see that you are there to assist and teach in any way possible.

Show integrity to receive integrity.

As a leader in your organization, your employees are looking to you to see how they should perform, with what level of excellence they need to perform and how they should respond to certain situations. When you demonstrate a character of integrity in your business, your staff will appreciate and respect you and offer the same to you. Stay true to your word, strive to fulfill the mission of your organization every day and prove to your staff you can be trusted.

With these principles in place, your organization will transform into a force for positive change and a positive future. If you have open executive positions in your organization that you are looking to fill, don’t just hire the first applicant that has the experience you’re looking for. Find an appreciative leader that will respect, empower and inspire your staff.


Well Positioned.

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