Right Person. Right Fit.

The first step to getting to a level of high staff retention and lowering unnecessary costs is in hiring the right employee for the job. When your turnover rates are high and you are continuously filling these positions, your company is incurring more costs than should be necessary.

Organizations that excel in retaining their employees generally have better financial results and overall performance. Studies show that filling highly skilled registered nurses making $70,000 per year can cost an organization as much at $149,400. A few unintended consequences of hiring the wrong candidate can include the following:

  • Less productive than his/her more efficient colleagues and can delay achieving your organization’s goals.
  • Exhibit poor performance compared to his/her peers and may negatively affect the performance of your other employees.
  • Affect your culture by creating negative morale and employee resentment (Brandon Group).



Determine what qualities you want and need in an employee, what personalities will work well with the team and their patients, and how much experience is desired for the specific positions you are looking to fill. Remember, making a poor hiring decision will affect your bottom line. Not only will have you wasted your time and money in the recruiting and hiring process, you now will have to spend time fixing the problem.

If you need assistance determining these factors and/or finding the candidates that fill your needs, Exact Recruiting’s vast network of top tier talent is your answer. In the past decade, we have successfully completed more than 1,500 searches for our clients. Few, if any, firms can match that fact.

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Contact us or visit the Simione Healthcare booth (#649/744) at the NAHC 2017 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo October 15-17 in Long Beach, California to set your Home Care or Hospice company up for success in hiring the exact staff you need and lowering your employee turnover rates.

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