Retaining New Hires

Finding the right staff for the Home Care and Hospice industry can be very difficult due to high turnover rates and similar factors. When you do hire new employees in any level of the company, the next step is ensuring staff retention so that your efforts and resources put into finding them do not go to waste. Use the following tips to increase staff retention in your new hires:

Conduct Performance Reviews

Employees need to know what is expected of them and how they are doing in their positions. By conducting performance reviews (especially with your new hires), your staff will know where they stand and how they can improve while also feeling more valuable and seen in the company. These measurable objectives and reviews will keep staff feeling successful and hold them accountable in their positions.

Maintain Effective Communications

While it is important to make connections with staff on a personal level, it’s more imperative to participate in effective communications with your employees, which informs, emphasizes and reaffirms that employee contributions are making an impact on the business. Some questions to ask concerning communications effectiveness include:

  • How frequently do you communicate with employees as a whole and individually?
  • Do you offer an open-door policy where employees feel safe and comfortable discussing issues and concerns?
  • Are employees given satisfaction surveys to anonymously share how they feel the company is doing in various aspects of business?

In response to the last question, Exact Recruiting offers Employee Satisfaction Surveys to help engage your team’s talent. Learn more here >

Stay Above the Competition

Even after you have acquired new hires, you still have to maintain an advantage above the competition to keep your employees engaged. Share what sets your company apart, the impact your company is making in the industry and how you are taking care of your employees to inform and remind them of why they chose to work for your company. Otherwise, your employees will begin to look for other positions that might offer other appealing advantages.

51 percent of employees are either keeping an eye on the job market or actively looking for a new job (Gallup).

If your company needs help attaining or retaining staff at any level, from C-Suite to branch level and everything in between, Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent SolutionTM, has the solution! We offer services for clients in every aspect of the hiring process specifically for the Home Care and Hospice industry. Learn about all of our services here >

Contact us for more information and take the next step to retaining your new hires!

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