Keep the Holidays Merry with Interim Management

Interim managers are often looked to as fillers of full-time positions while a company is seeking a long-term replacement, and while this can be the case, they are not limited to only these situations. Consider the following benefits that can come from hiring interim management during the holidays, jump-starting your 2018 initiatives:

Increase bandwidth only when necessary.

With interim managers in place, you can access a wider bandwidth when your company needs it most, helping to motivate your employees and empower them to accomplish year-end goals. With temporary managers in place, you won’t have the issue hiring too many employees during peak seasons.

Discover healthy change and completed goals.

Interim managers are experienced, results-driven individuals focused on exceeding the expectations in your company. Because their future relies on successful track records and delivering results, interim professionals will offer the exact change you need to maintain peak performance levels and accomplish your company goals.

Strengthen the positive culture in your company.

When the right interim managers are hired, they are trained to mentor and provide employee guidance and support, strengthening the positive culture inside your company. This positivity will also reflect on your customer satisfaction reports, a win-win for your company.

For over a decade, we have vetted thousands of Home Care and Hospice professionals for interim or permanent placement at every level, from C-Suite to front line staff. Our single focus on talent acquisition and management services gives our clients unique advantages:

  • Access to an extensive pool of top Home Care and Hospice talent.
  • Industry leading “time to fill” rate.
  • Recognized experts quickly identify the best professional to meet your specific need.

With the holiday season upon us, providers may need a few more hands to help fill their staffing and leadership gaps. Exact Recruiting, a Simione Talent SolutionTM, is here to help. Learn more about our Interim Management services »

“The Exact Recruiting team is who we rely on every time we have a critical, time-sensitive need.” ~ Laura, A Nationwide Home Care Company Exec.

Keep the holidays merry with the right interim professionals in place. Contact us to assist you.

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