Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

Engage Your Team’s Talent

In our years of working in the Home Care and Hospice industry, we have noticed that the major themes / concerns for our industry going forward are Quality Outcomes, Managing Costs and Employee/Talent Retention. In conversations with industry executives, Employee Retention ranks as the number one concern, as it affects the others tremendously.

  • Experts say that employee turnover costs organizations 50-100%+ of an employees’ annual salary. By retaining your current staff, your organization will save thousands of dollars, thereby helping to control costs! In today’s marketplace, any measures that can reduce costs can significantly help a growing Home Care or Hospice company.
  • Top Home Care or Hospice providers nationwide are striving to deliver the best quality outcomes. With better Employee Retention, your organizational message about quality care should gain traction. This will increase your quality of care and with top quality comes better run branches, better training, better reputation, better outcomes and more financial success.

Exact Recruiting’s consulting team has been helping our Home Care and Hospice clients address these issues for years through targeted surveys. Our Salary Surveys and Employee Satisfaction Surveys are two methods for our clients to see where they stand with their employees and to ensure their compensation rates are in line with market averages.

By conducting these surveys and putting the data you receive to work for you, your organization will reduce costs and run more efficiently. In today’s Home Care / Hospice environment, anything that can reduce your costs should be considered.

Keep in mind, all we do at Exact Recruiting is work in the Home Care and Hospice industry nationwide. That means we tailor these projects specifically for our industry, which means we get you the very best data. There is no project too large or too small.

If you’re looking for ways to control / reduce costs for your organization, talk to us about our consulting services and how they can help your company.